“You blowin’ it up in there man, for real!”
– Macy Gray, Sunset Marquis patio (Jun 04, 2019)

“There are people that you just don’t forget. They are not the norm in this crazy biz. They are real, kind, mega talents that bring you into their world like an old friend. And you believe them. They are magical. I write this inspired by not many, but only by one…. and his name is Dave Schulz.”
– Cherie Currie (the Runaways) (Oct 20, 2018)

“Nice playin’ man.”
– Stevie Wonder

“Dave is our most accomplished musician…just breathtaking.”
– Terri Nunn of Berlin

“As a frontman and solo artist, Schulz has worked diligently on the west coast building a reputation as one of the shining talents on the scene.”
– Keyboard Magazine

“Singer, songwriter and keyboardist Dave Schulz is a fixture in the diverse Los Angeles music scene.”
– Playboy

“now THAT sounds like a record”
– Daniel Lanois

“Dave Schulz shows on the album why he has become one of the top session and tour supporting vocalists and musicians in the country.”
– BVS Reviews

“I love how talented Dave is; he plays so good it’s unreal. He’s just dripping with soul.”
– Johnny Rzeznik

“dude, you have the best voice”
– Pink

“Dave Schulz has created a powerful, precise, and stylish debut album that’s worth making a connection to. Check out Connect today.”
– Daily Vault

“dave, you’re crazy man…”
– Bernard Fowler

“ya did alright, kid”
– Bo Diddley

“Dave’s a stud. I’ll stop everything I’m doin’ to hear him sing. Everything.”
– Ron Jeremy

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